Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've been very busy recently

Also I've been holding off on posting more Krone stuff because I had emailed Krone's authour to see if it was cool that I was going to suggest changes and new content and stuff on here. I haven't heard back so I'm just going to go ahead and post Krone stuff soon.  I've been working on detailing the city a bit, tweeking the classes and stating up monsters and NPCs and such.  Legendary Creatures work has stalled, still not sure what to do with the rules, when I figure it out it will be up on here in a jiffy though.

Um, what else. Oh yeah, well theres this xbox game called Gears of War, I havent really played it much but I think a tabletop dice and paper adaptation of the world would be pretty cool. The premise is that a horde of monsterous creatures has emergerged from deep and previously unknown tunnles and basicaly wiped out humanity.  The are a few scattered communities left but they have been in a state of constant war for 15 years against a foe that strikes from below and without warning. There would be guns and powered armour, and hordes of diverse enemies in what would basically be a mega dungeon type layout. Im just bursting with ideas, but I'd probably want to actually play both games to really get it, and then the work of actually figuring out rules and stats.. blah.  Well might be fun, well we will see is I get around to doing this or if its just a passing interest...

.....Well it would be like a mega dungeon that fills the entire underground of the world, like the underdark, but instead of prissy emo elves its  full of orcs and ogres with guns and other terrible creatures. I would generate a couple entry points, I could probably do alot of it randomly. The characters bust in penetrate as deep as they can, scavenge a bunch of ammo and equipment, kill a bunch of bad guys, and then get out before too many bad guys show up. Damn, I think I might have to do this.

Heres a link to the wiki site for gears of war, the page is all about the enemies. Some cool stuff in there.

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  1. I've never played Gears of War (not being one for computer games) but it has a cool soundtrack from parts of it I've heard.