Saturday, May 28, 2011

Castlevania Inspiration

 So just posting a few pics from the internet that I'm looking at as inspiration for Losh Nekkar. Two of them are art from the resent Castlevania Lords of Shadow game, the tall castle is from an artist on deviant art (sorry not sure who, I think I got the image from one of  the posts on The Land of Nod). The last one is a really cool map from Simon's Quest, which was my first Castlevania game as a little kid.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nekkar Cross Section

This picture is really the meat of what I have so far. Its kinda a cross section of the castle, but the main purpose of the pic is to layout the various levels and sections- and show me how they relate to one another. I like how many of the levels are interconnected. It will eventually become possible to unlock direct paths between certain lvls.  For example the Inner Courtyard is initially inaccessible from the Lower Court, but after fighting through to the Upper Battlements the party will be able to lower a draw bridge to connect the two courtyards.

Also the Chapel deserves some mention. It is intended to be a safe zone so the party can withdraw from the dungeon and rest in relative safety without having to slog it all the way back to the town.

I'm planning for Losh Nekkar to start in a kind of dormant state a gradually "wake up" as the PCs explore it. The dungeon for example will be sealed off from the rest of the castle until the PCs blunder on down there, releasing various dungeon themed creatures. Gradually the dungeon creatures will start appearing in other places as they migrate around the castle.

And this is a very early sketch which was super heavily based on the stages from the Super Castlevania IV game, the names of boss creatures and things are scribbled all over the place. The game is a linear sidescroller so I was trying to figure out how the various locations would logically fit together in a "real" castle.

(Click for larger Pics)

More  later...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nekkar Exterior

Ok, so here she is. my fairly rough diagram of Losh Nekkar and the surrounding area (click the picture for a much better view) . I'm pretty happy with the design of the Castle itself but the nearby village and stuff needs a little work, but most important elements are visible.  That's a bat's eye view of the castle in the lower right. Losh Nekkar is gonna be kinda of like a giant haunted house/fun house dungeon.  All the classic horror monsters will be lurking somewhere nearby if not in the castle directly.


The castle will certainly be the "tent pole" of the setting but there will be several other adventure sites located in the area.  Much like Ravenloft or any of the games though the action will be fairly restricted, there is a sort of contained sandbox around the castle and a well defined border keeping the PC's trapped in the Count's blighted domain.

More pictures and detail soon but feel free to ask questions or offer up ideas.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"What is a man?...

 .....A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk... Have at you!"
                 - Dracula (Castlevania Symphony of the Night)
Awesome piano tune.

So, one of my many back burner projects is the creation of a mega dungeon. A mega dungeon heavily inspired by Dracula's castle from the SNES game Super Castlevania 4 and Castle Ravenloft, with a good measure of my own stuff thrown in there.

As soon as I stop being lazy and actually unpack my scaner I can post some digrams and sketches I have come up with -boy do I love maps.

So for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Castlevania game series I will tell you why it is cool. Well it pretty much is just cool, particularly the early stuff, before it got all melodramatic and Japanese rpg style soap opera all up in there. Its basically just a rad story about a guy with a whip fighting his through a castle to get to Dracula.

As a young kid playing snes I made up an imaginary rip-off castle based on Castlevania (the literal name of Dracula's castle), I named my version "Losh Nekkar"- im not sure why. I pretended Losh Nekkar was in the woods on the other side of a swamp  just down the street from my house.  Anyway though, I'm naming this mega dungeon Losh Nekkar,and this will be the first in a series of posts about the place. Theres actually quite alot to tell. Not sure where to start.

More on this later...

Friday, May 13, 2011

B?X Magic

Yeah, I'm posting kinda light still. trying to pick it up a little.

Ok, so for the B?X project I am removing Vancian spell casting and taking a different approach.

Basically when a wizard wants to cast a spell he or she picks any single spell that he or she knows. Each spell will have a casting difficulty number.  To successfully cast the spell the wizard will have to beat the difficulty number on a d20 roll (adding intelligence modifier). If successful the spell casts. If the roll fails then the wizard will be forced to wait a number of turns equal to the spell level of the failed spell before they are able to attempt to cast another spell.

So a wizard tries to cast a lvl 1 magic missile but fails, the wizard is not allowed to cast a spell in his next turn. This makes it a lot safer for the wizard to try casting a low level spell every turn and makes trying to cast a high level spell very risky... fail a level 6 spell and the wizard will be unable to cast any further spells for his next 6 turns.

There will also be 2 types of arcane spells -

Incantations, quick "simple" spells, can be cast in combat situations.
example: fireball


Rituals, long complicated spells, cannot be cast in combat situations.
example: scrying

more on this later.

Here is another stormtrooper

by Feng Zhu

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Im back

Alright, took a bit of a break. I was moving back home and starting at my summer job not to mention seeing all my buds again, so I was busy, but I really didn't mean to leave this so long.

Sooo, whats new?

Well the poll for a name for my B/X thing were kinda inconclusive, of a total 5 votes there was a two way tie between 'Hero Story' and 'Leave your own suggestion in the comments'  with two votes each. There have been to my knowledge no suggestions though. I'm going to give it some more time and flesh out the rules more before I decide on a final name. I think B?X is an appropriate working title though (inspired by a typo).

I got a bunch of new project ideas zooming about in my head, and hopefully I can get some more work done on my current projects too. I want to focus on showing rather than telling, and will try to post a lot of pictures of the kind of stuff I'm doing and the aids I use to run my game. I'm a Fine Art student and have some drawing ability which I try to use as much as possible when running games, so I will get some scans up of my work.

Hmm... well sadly it looks like the planned Pathfinder Evil Villain campaign is on hold, - its my fault though, I'm just feeling kinda burned out from Pathfinder and running a lvl 10 game ... is not something I really want to commit to.  The good news though is it should open up some time to focus on my long neglected Warhammer armies, I might finally get some games in maybe.

So that is whats up right now. Hopefully I will be back up posting semi regularly again, maybe Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays but we will see.

Here is a storm trooper.