Saturday, May 7, 2011

Im back

Alright, took a bit of a break. I was moving back home and starting at my summer job not to mention seeing all my buds again, so I was busy, but I really didn't mean to leave this so long.

Sooo, whats new?

Well the poll for a name for my B/X thing were kinda inconclusive, of a total 5 votes there was a two way tie between 'Hero Story' and 'Leave your own suggestion in the comments'  with two votes each. There have been to my knowledge no suggestions though. I'm going to give it some more time and flesh out the rules more before I decide on a final name. I think B?X is an appropriate working title though (inspired by a typo).

I got a bunch of new project ideas zooming about in my head, and hopefully I can get some more work done on my current projects too. I want to focus on showing rather than telling, and will try to post a lot of pictures of the kind of stuff I'm doing and the aids I use to run my game. I'm a Fine Art student and have some drawing ability which I try to use as much as possible when running games, so I will get some scans up of my work.

Hmm... well sadly it looks like the planned Pathfinder Evil Villain campaign is on hold, - its my fault though, I'm just feeling kinda burned out from Pathfinder and running a lvl 10 game ... is not something I really want to commit to.  The good news though is it should open up some time to focus on my long neglected Warhammer armies, I might finally get some games in maybe.

So that is whats up right now. Hopefully I will be back up posting semi regularly again, maybe Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays but we will see.

Here is a storm trooper.


  1. Cleavage aside that stormtrooper chick is a little disturbing. I hear you on the mid too high level Pathfinder stuff. It can start to become a lot to manage. Good luck with the WH stuff.

  2. Thanks guys! glad to be back.

  3. Hey, guess what? I'm back too. Love you.

    Boobs...really? You're lucky I like you.