Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for My Pretty Lady

Me and my pretty lady have been dating now for over 4 years. She is pretty, and smart and cool and a big nerd like me.  After we started dating she started playing d&d  with my group, it was a little wierd at first having a girl at the table.  Not because we didn't want her there or anything but just cuz we never had a girl player before. My pals say I stopped doing my weird voices when she started playing.

Anyway, the pretty lady has since then blossomed into a hardcore nerd, shes better than me at a lot of video games, shes a way better warhammer painter than me and shes ruthless as all hell during D&D sessions. Now my guy players aren't exactly squeamish when it comes to "doing what has to be done", but my NPCs live in dread of the day they might stand in the way of the pretty lady and her goals.

The pretty lady has had a variety of characters since we started playing; an assassin, a vampire assassin, a witch (pathfinder), and an oracle (also pathfinder), most recently she has started playing barbarians.  Shes stating out a level 10 evil barbarian named Miley Cyrus for my summer evil villain campaign.  Her favored weapon is the earthbreaker- a massive spiked hammer found in pathfinder.

Anyway, I'm hoping that some day she will take over DMing duties for me. She is cool, I like her a bunch. Theres a link to her blog on the right. Shes pretty sporadic with posts cause she is really focusing on school but has some interesting stuff.


  1. Good post and a big hello to your pretty lady.

  2. A barbarian named Miley Cyrus? That's hewing a bit close to reality, isn't it? ;)