Friday, April 19, 2013

PC Events: BARD

Go here to check out the series I'm continuing by Grim from Beyond the Black Gate. 

Go here to check out how I'm using these charts.


1- You have fallen into an artistic funk.  Your performances suffer until you somehow get your groove back. You are in desperate need of some inspiration.

2- You receive a mysterious package containing an expensive masterwork instrument. It is the most beautiful instrument you have ever held.

3- Some competition moves in nearby.  As much as you hate to admit it- you know in your heart that they are better than you.

4- Your popularity absolutely explodes overnight.  Everyone knows you.  I hope you don't need to lay low anytime soon...

5- Your artistic idol is coming through the area!  Maybe you can get a jam session going! You HAVE to get an autograph!

6- Someone has been spreading rumors that you are inciting rebellion with your "subversive" lyrics.  You better get to the bottom of this before you get thrown in jail for treason.

7- The church is starting to crack down on "indulgent entertainment".

8- A new and popular upstart is ripping off your songs.  Nobody else seems to notice.  Something has to be done - or are you just losing your grip on reality?

9- Another bard or important critic starts a campaign against you.

10- Your lifestyle is starting to catch up with you.  You might start to suffer from a substance addiction.

11- You have attracted a very small but hardcore group of fans. They aren't planning on leaving anytime soon. (Roll 1d4 and add your charisma modifier, that is how many groupies you get)

12- A local person of importance firmly requests you play at an event they are hosting.  This could make or break you. (the event is to be held in 2d6 days) 



Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Events and Monthly Weather

I'm running my own version of the classic adventure 'B2: The Keep on the Border Lands'. One of the things I did to set up the game world is roll up weather and random events for the next 2 months of game time.

I want to share with you how I'm doing it.

Set yourself up a calendar page on a piece of paper. Leave lots of room for entries under each day. Next go here: and generate yourself a month or more of weather in advance (note: light wind is the default so you might want to ignore it).

Next we determine if any special events occur. Roll 1d8 for each day. On a roll of 1 something interesting has happened. 

Now roll 1d6;

On a 1-3 a personal PC event happens that day. Randomly determine which PC it will effect. Then go here: and roll on the correct table for that character's class.

On a 4-6 go here: and roll on the excellent town event tables.

You obviously have last say on what is happening in your world and in your game. I just find it is particularly comforting knowing when it is going to rain ahead of time in my world instead of just deciding on the fly mid-game. This is a simple way to give a world a semblance of it's own life - and to keep those pesky players on their toes!

Grim from Beyond the Black Gate has alot of excellent random PC event tables. He didn't cover a few of the classes that are available to my players though, so I am going to post tables for these classes to fill the gaps.

- Next time: PC Bard Events! Cheers!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mettle & Brawn

In my own game I am renaming the ability score 'Strength' to 'Mettle'.
Mettle is defined as:  "Vigor and strength of spirit or temperament"
Henceforth in my games Mettle will be used to represent a character's discipline and skill in combat. It will also be used to represent a character's bravery in situations which require it.  

I think this is an appropriate change, since for characters fighting in melee combat it is not really their physical strength being tested, but rather the qualities described above. Mettle will be used in combat the same way strength used to be.

I am also renaming 'Constitution' to 'Brawn'.
Brawn is defined as: "Muscle or physical strength."
Brawn will be used to describe a character's  strength, constitution, physical power, and resilience. Brawn will be used the same way constitution used to be, for bonus hp and for saves against poison and such. Brawn will also be used for things like breaking down doors and holding up crumbling pillars.

Comments and questions are welcome. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Carnival of Chaos

Finally got my Carnival of Nurgle painted and photographed. I really Like this quickshade army painter stuff. Going to use it on my Skaven army for sure.

Herr Klaus Krabbe

The Amazing Frog faced Man

Hugo der Gross

The Great Zulago

King Leer

Der Bruders der Mond

More Nurglings

The whole gang
Bases closeup

Comments and questions are welcome. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Painting WiPs 1

 Ferris Cleft Krag 
The model I use for my Dwarf in the Castles & Crusades game I play in.

 Small Albino Beholder WiP
Going for a really creepy pale/ wormy look

 Reaper Werebear
Love this model, tilted the head and re-sculpted the neck, still a WiP but happy so far.

 Evil punker chick Anti-paladin.
Reaper sculpt that is totally based on this illustration from the 3.5 Complete Warrior.
Wanted this model for a long time,  very happy to finally have her.

 Hopefully some more substantial posts soon. Just trying to get back in the habit. Cheers!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Last Night on Earth painting WiP

Been real busy with school. Just got a few expansions for Last Night on Earth by Flying Frog. I really love this game, it is different every time you play. The expansions add alot of depth too. Love the barricade rules and the new rules for gaining xp. 

 The original Woodinville survivors

 Timber Peak and hero pack crew (wip)

The zombie horde, now 35 strong and their boss- the Spaceman! 

More pics soon! Cheers!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Humanoid Enemy Quirks

  To spice up encounters with humanoid enemies roll a d20 on this chart once for each group encountered. Apply the result to one random member of the enemy group, the idea is that maybe in a group of 3 bandits maybe one has slightly more armor or one out of 5 goblins is already wounded.. Not every creature needs a complicated backstory but this way some of the rank and file grunts will seem a little more "alive" and unique.

  1. Scared and grizzled- has a few extra hit points.
  2. Wearing superstitious charms- has a slight bonus to save against wisdom related effects.
  3. Extra big and muscled- has a slight bonus to damage.
  4. Is wearing a few extra bits of armor- +1 to AC.
  5. Better stance and technique- has an additional attack.
  6. Craven- will immediately attempt to surrender if takes damage.
  7. Mocking- hurls insults during battle.
  8. Avenger- determine another random member of the enemy group. If that character is slain the enemy with the avenger quirk will attack the killer with a berserk frenzy.
  9. Wealthy- has slightly more coin or treasure than is typical.
  10. Wielding better quality weapon- has slight bonus to hit.
  11. Fearless- has bonus to morale.
  12. Alert- has slight bonus to perception and detection.
  13. Small build- has a few less hit points.
  14.  Attractive- is particularly good looking, handsome/pretty (or at least clean and noble in stature).
  15.  Wearing less armor- -1 to AC.
  16. Fearsome- looks particularly badass.
  17.  Wounded- already has a significant wound, significantly fewer hit points.
  18.  Has an interesting weapon- the weapon is unusual or at least different from others in the group.
  19.  Tattooed- has some prominent tattoos.
  20.  Has a musical instrument- will play it during battle for morale or to try to signal nearby allies. 
 Comments and questions are welcome, or maybe come up with extra entries on the list. Cheers!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ingenuity vs. Intelligence

My Quarantine Zone game uses 6 character attribute stats that form the acronym B.R.A.I.N.S. The 'I' used to stand for 'Intelligence' but I have decided to change it to 'Ingenuity' instead. I understand using Intelligence as an ability score in some settings and some game systems but for what I am trying to portray in Quarantine Zone it does not work as well. In a present day- post apocalyptic world featuring regular people as protagonists I think ingenuity will be a better choice than intelligence for representing a character. In Quarantine Zone I want it to be more important for a character to display: 

"The quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful."

than for that character to have a high IQ score. I would rather a successful skill test for picking a locked door be represented by an ingenious character using chewing gum and a paperclip than that character just being somehow smart enough that they know how to pick a lock.

Awwww yeah!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Equipment for Necromancers

The Necromancer requires a ready supply of mortal remains as subjects for their dark magic. Keeping fresh (or not so fresh) body parts can be difficult however, especially in large quantities. These items are essential for any serious practitioner of the Necromantic arts.

Body Bag
Although you could just stuff a body in any old sack the Body Bag is a vastly superior choice. This huge leather bag has a thick double lining and is waterproof. It can shut air-tight when drawn closed. A Body Bag can hold up to ten hit dice worth of body parts and weighs 1ENR if empty ( it can fold up fairly small when not in use). If in use the Body Bag weighs 1ENR + 1ENR per hit dice worth of body parts contained within. A Body Bag can be used by non-necromancers as well as a means of transporting the body parts of exotic creatures to market, or even to safely transport the remains of a fallen comrade. A Body Bag costs 10gp.

Preservative Agents
These alchemical potions help greatly to stave off the effects of rot and decay. If a single dose if poured into a Body Bag and left overnight all the remains inside the bag will stay "fresh".  If a Body Bag receives daily applications of  Preservative Agents and is kept in a cold and vermin-free environment it will continue to preserve the remains nearly indefinitely. The alchemical ingredients required to make Preservative Agents are expensive and rare however, thus each dose costs 5gp.

Flesh Scarabs
These vile little creatures are of invaluable help to Necromancers who prefer to work with skeletal remains. Each Scarab is only slightly larger than a coin and they are typically sold in small colony groups of a few dozen individuals. A colony of Flesh Scarabs comes in a small sealed iron box which contains a small quantity of sand. If the open box is placed inside a Body Bag which contains "fleshy" remains and left overnight by morning the bones will be stripped nearly clean of flesh and the scarabs will have retreated back into their sandy home. A colony of Scarabs which are given a steady supply of flesh to eat will be able to reproduce and replenish their numbers indefinitely but it is impossible to breed additional colonies. Each colony of Flesh Scarabs must be imported from distant lands and thus each box costs 50gp, The iron box they are housed in weighs 1ENR.  

Peddler's Bag
A Peddler's Bag is a small cloth bag which contains simple supplies of the sort usually used by peddlers to mend shabby clothes. Each bag usually contains a random assortment of soiled rags, strips of leather, wooden sticks, nails, small twisted bits of metal, pins, needles, string and twine. Each bag weighs 1ENR and contains 20 uses. You could scrounge up the materials that make a Peddler's Bag by paying any shopkeeper 3 copper pieces for the privilege of searching through their waste-bin.

( Note: Many Necromancer spells such as "Create Skeletal Wretch" require 1d6 uses from a Peddler's Bag, as well as many of the spells used by Animators.)

Monday, June 18, 2012

The state of B?X

Well it has been a while since my last post., I guess that's how it goes sometimes. I suppose I would rather post sporadically when I want to then push myself to post frequently just for the sake of it and end up burning myself out.

Anyway, here is a bit of an update on my B?X project:

The release of the 5th ed playtest materials really re-ignited my interest in the project. People will tell you that 5th ed looks like 2nd or 4th ed but honestly it looks to me mostly like B/X, or at least how my group used to play B/X back in junior high.

Right now my core rules are basically very similar to the rules from the playtest with a few major changes.

Experience and leveling
I am having the characters start out at lvl 0- heavily inspired by the DDC beta rules. First they will roll stats in order, and then roll on a separate occupation table depending on what their highest stat was. So a character who rolled strength as their highest stat would roll on the strength based occupation table.

The 0lvl characters start with no class and virtually no money or equipment, just what their occupation gives them. They will start with a "background trait" just like in 5ed, but they will have to wait till they hit level 1 to choose a theme for their class.

I am probably not using standard experience points for leveling. Instead the characters will stay at their current level until the complete a big level appropriate quest. The players and I will discuss what a worthy quest would be and come to an agreement about it. Increasing in level gives a hp increase and increases the character's ingame prestige and renown. In between tackling the big "level up" quests the players can engage in any number of smaller quests or adventures to gain money and supplies or possibly unlock and improve abilities. - So you wont become a better swordsman just by leveling up; you need to go on a specific quest to find a sword-master to train you.

Race as class. Also some weird changes to some of the races.

Alignment: there will be Lawful, Chaotic and Neutral. There are no real gods in my setting per se but there is an absolute force of good and an absolute force of evil fighting it out.

I am thinking about setting a flat level cap at lvl 6. I think a low level cap will be overall more manageable, and I hope that it will encourage players to get involved in creating a legacy with their characters- when a fighter hits lvl 6 and settles down to become a ruler, the player can make a new character from a  former follower they had.

I am completely overhauling magic. Going to be using mana pools and piety dice and getting rid of Vancian spellcasting entirely. I made up new types of wizards with their own new schools of magic. Magic will be learnt from found spellbooks and there will be no such thing as spell lvl or spells per day.

I could get more into specifics but I'm going to bed now.

Comments and questions are welcome.