Sunday, April 5, 2015

E: Ettercap

The Ettercap is one of my favourite monsters. I love the idea of a spider -man that can control lesser spiders. The Ettercap makes a great mini-mastermind type villain in my opinion. A great controller behind attacks or a lair full of spiders. I let my Ettercaps use scavenged weapons and equipment, like rusty swords and broken armour. I also think they should be devious trap makers.

An Ettercap lair would have:
- pit traps that drop into spider nests,
- falling nets/ webs,
- deadfall traps,
- snares,
- spider ambush holes,
- sticky tripwires,
- ankle traps (full of spiders),
- falling egg bombs full of spider swarms,

"At the end of the horrible gauntlet a grotesque half-man-half-spider thing is brandishing a rusty longsword and wearing a tattered cape. At it's feet the bound village girl struggles weakly on a primitive altar. The walls are painted with horrifying images of eight legged deamons. As you charge towards the altar three giant spiders drop down from the ceiling... "

I'd really like to add some more substantial posts but I've been feeling under the weather.

Comments and Questions are welcome.


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