Thursday, April 2, 2015

B: Bards

I'm trying hard to make Bards "not suck" in my game. Here is what I have come up with so far:

Hit Die:d8
Prime Stat: Charisma,
Light armour proficiency,
Roguish weapon proficiency,

A Bard gets 1d6 Inspiration points per level + their charisma modifier each day after spending an hour practicing.

A Bard may spend 1 Inspiration point to gain advantage on a Persuasion check.

Bardic Lore:
A Bard may spend 1 Inspiration point to attempt a wits check to recall information once heard from a legend or a bit of gossip.

Bardic Performances:
The range of all Bardic Performances is 30ft. A Performance is an action. Performances can be maintained as long as the Bard takes no other actions or reactions up to a maximum of 10 minutes per level of the caster. Creatures must be able to hear the Bard for the Performance to be effective. Bardic Performances are considered to be charm/ mind control effects and thus do not effect mindless creatures. If a Bard is injured or otherwise distracted during a performance they need to pass a DC 15 wits save or the performance ends.

Novice Performances (1 Inspiration point to begin)
Distraction: Creatures must pass a DC 10 wits save or take disadvantage on their actions this turn.

Fascination: Creatures must pass a DC 15 wits save or they lose their reaction this turn.

Courage: Friendly creatures gain advantage on saves against fear and regain 1hp (cannot be used to stabilize or heal a dying creature).

Comments and Questions are welcome.

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