Tuesday, April 7, 2015

G: Gargoyle

Gargoyles are fiendish amalgamations of beast, man, and demon. In a ritual similar to the creation of orcs, the butchered flesh of many men and beasts are stirred together in a great cauldron. At the climax of the ritual a lesser demon is partially summoned into the mixture. If successful the demon's essence is trapped in the flesh and a hideous half creature is formed. Unlike the ritual for creating orcs, typically only one gargoyle is born from such a caldron, whereas a dozen orcs could be made.  Most would-be masters are unable to successfully bind the beast through force of will, thus they either consume the summoner or escape into the wild.

Although gargoyles often appear quite demonic in shape, their minds are clouded with human and animal instincts. These creatures are far easier to summon than real demons and easier to cow into obedience, although also far less intelligent. gargoyles are weak willed but also notoriously disloyal and easily distracted if sent off on missions by their creator. Gargoyles are thus often used as sentries to guard their master's lair.

Gargoyles can appear in a myriad of shapes and sizes, but they are always a mixture of human, bestial and demonic features. In most cases these beasts are winged, but that is not always the case. Because of their demonic heritage they are unnaturally resilient.

The oldest and most truly demonic gargoyles are deadly opponents. Sometimes their master will furnish them with arms and armour. These greater gargoyles are brutally skilled defenders of their master's realm, using terrain and commanding lesser monsters to maximum effect.

Lesser Gargoyle
AC: 20 MV: 30ft, HD: 3, HP: 33,
Winged flight: 50ft,
Ability   Score     Modifier
Flyby attack:
Damage resistance: 5 against mundane damage,

Claws (2): 1d6+3 slashing dmg,
Maul: 1d6+3 blunt/ piercing/ slashing dmg.


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