Saturday, January 14, 2017

Daily Monster Art- Ape

I've written about apes before here, but the upshot is I think they are great additions to any game. I think they really add a  lot. Killing a gang of apes is just different somehow to killing a tribe of orcs for example. We can empathize with them more, even if they are animals, players can see themselves in the apes. Ape reaction and goals are "humanish", and so if they are just being simple hunter gatherers- harming no one, OR working as minion / slaves for an evil wizard, they are a recognizable reflection of the "civilized" humans the players are used to, and the DM should play that up. Also go watch the new junglebook movie if you haven't seen it.- Christopher Walken plays an amazing King of the Apes. Tomorrow- Ant. 

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