Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Heroes

Alright this post is a bit late but whatever im doing it.

From my understanding 4th edition using something called 'Tiers', which -feel free to correct me if I'm wrong- delineate certain character lvl groups, so for example lvls 15-20 are the epic tier. I like the idea of having those certain lvls and the portion of your characters story be clearly represented along those lines. After all in B/X becoming 'Name Level' is kind of like ascending into a new tier, the character is now expected to settle down a bit, or at least build a stronghold of some type. So in keeping with this philosophy I plan to break my character progression rules into 3 distinct tiers, which represent different phases of a heroes' journey.

Champion: Levels 1-5
The Champion is a crusader for their particular cause or profession. Though certainly not the most skilled members of their class they stand tall above the regular folk of the realm. They are considered to have at least some minimal contacts with other members of their class or possibly a higher lvl patron. They may purchase the services of hirelings.
A Viking Champion

Hero Levels 6-10
The Hero is likely to be renown throughout the lands and will certainly command a fair measure of respect- if not for their profession at least for their skill. The Hero embodies the true nature of the class and will be considered a peer to other hero lvl characters despite conflicts of race,gender, or alignment.  A hero may attract followers.
A Viking Hero
Lord Levels 11+
The Lord is truly one of the most powerful members of the class and will often take an active role in the fate of the kingdom they inhabit.  Lords are likely to establish Strongholds and attract many lower lvl members of their class. Lords have access to very powerful abilities and represent the very pinnacle of achievement in their chosen profession.

A Viking Lord

I think in my B/X thing there will be certain rules and more indepth guidelines following this system which will be class specific. Also I want to include rules for starting a character at the certain tiers instead of always just starting at lvl 1 every time. I might call these things chapters instead of tiers in my stuff, to go along with the Hero Story kind of theme.


  1. I like this... it does map well to the ideas of BX. The levels, though, don't fit exactly. Might want to consider going with 1-3, 4-8, and 9+, which map more directly with the Name levels, the module level ranges, and the original titles (Fighter being considered baseline, he was a Hero at 4th level and a Lord at 9th level).

    Eager to see what you come up with next!

  2. Thanks James, good point. I will strongly consider going with the 1-3,4-8 and 9+ method you suggest. Something that has always bothered me is that a fighters title at level 1 is Veteran.