Friday, May 13, 2011

B?X Magic

Yeah, I'm posting kinda light still. trying to pick it up a little.

Ok, so for the B?X project I am removing Vancian spell casting and taking a different approach.

Basically when a wizard wants to cast a spell he or she picks any single spell that he or she knows. Each spell will have a casting difficulty number.  To successfully cast the spell the wizard will have to beat the difficulty number on a d20 roll (adding intelligence modifier). If successful the spell casts. If the roll fails then the wizard will be forced to wait a number of turns equal to the spell level of the failed spell before they are able to attempt to cast another spell.

So a wizard tries to cast a lvl 1 magic missile but fails, the wizard is not allowed to cast a spell in his next turn. This makes it a lot safer for the wizard to try casting a low level spell every turn and makes trying to cast a high level spell very risky... fail a level 6 spell and the wizard will be unable to cast any further spells for his next 6 turns.

There will also be 2 types of arcane spells -

Incantations, quick "simple" spells, can be cast in combat situations.
example: fireball


Rituals, long complicated spells, cannot be cast in combat situations.
example: scrying

more on this later.

Here is another stormtrooper

by Feng Zhu

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