Saturday, February 19, 2011

Far Away Friday (kinda late)

Ilam (ilam)

Ilam is the breadbasket of the High Kingdom, a land of gently rolling hills, cool slow streams, and very sparse woodlands. The earth is extremely fertile and thus the entire province is given over to farmland. Many of the other provinces depend upon the agriculture of Ilam for their food each season.

The people of Ilam are used to hard work and generally have sandy hair and deep brown tans from their days spent in the fields. They have a reputation for being weak because of Ilams idyllic landscape, but nothing could be further from the truth especially since the destruction of Triam and sporadic raids from the west. The farm community is extremely close knit;  if one homestead is threatened a mob of angry neighbours will quickly gather to drive off marauders.  The farmers are used to hard labour and will fight viciously to defend their lands.
As a derogatory term the folk of Ilam are sometimes called "lambs" implying that they are weak and stupid, there is no surer way to goad an Ilamian into a brawl.  
 Ilam is divided into parcels of land, usually along the many small rivers which crisscross the landscape, each parcel and all the farms on it are governed by a local Elder. The Elders meet in a council occasionally to discuss politics and trade which effect the whole province.   

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