Saturday, February 26, 2011

Far Away Friday

Maybe I should rename this Far Away Saturday. I thought I would be posting more over reading week but instead I've been more busy than ever. Anyways:

Media is the warmest province of the High Kingdom with a nearly tropical climate. Grape vineyards hug the rolling hills and produce the finest wines of the whole kingdom (although competition is fierce with the vineyards in Southern
Aurellius).  Media runs along the coast of the balmy Shallow Sea and warm tropical winds blow further inland towards the hillside villas.
Media city (the largest city in the whole High Kingdom) sits on a spur of land which straddles the Shallow Sea and the Northern Ocean. The city is a great center of commerce and trade, people from all over the known world can be found here navigating the plazas and bridges spanning its famous canals.
Media maintains a massive Navy but no standing land forces, instead the province sponsors several large and independent mercenary academies. Each academy is well trained and well equipped - ready to fight for the right price. In the center of the city sits a sports arena of truly epic proportions. The arena is one of the technological wonders of the world, featuring many complex mechanisms to enhance the spectacle of the gladiatorial battles held within.  Over the centuries numerous additions have been built onto the arena giving rise to rumors of a lost labyrinth beneath the structure which is home to all manner of escaped slaves and beasts.
 Media is the only province of the High Kingdom in which it is still legal to own slaves, although this is slowly becoming less fashionable. Slaves are generally treated well and it is considered inappropriate to mistreat a slave (at least publicly). 
-(For Media I was thinking its a very Roman -Gladiator era type city mashed up with Venice and all the cannals and such.)-

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