Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Legendary Creatures pt 3

Case study, Conan vs the Dragon God
 From Red Nails

- Conan and Valeria hear the horses being ripped to shreds,
- they go investigate and see the dragon lizard, it starts coming after them.
- they run like hell back up the crag.
-It becomes a waiting game the lizard is sure to win.
-After a little while Conan thinks to cleverly make a spear out of a a bunch of thin branches and his poniard.
- He coats the blade in the lethal poison of a nearby fruit.
-Conan swears at and provokes the Lizard making it rear up and snap at him, giving Conan a chance to thrust the spear into its open jaw.
-The beast is enraged but leaves to get water as the poison sets in, it is now blind.
-Conan and Valeria take their chance and run toward the city, but the wind changes and the beast is after their scent.
-Realizing the beast is about to overtake them Conan throws Valeria out of the way and leaps back toward the monster with his sword in hand.
-Conan leaps at the monsters face and strikes with his sword but is then thrown clear by the impact of the beasts charge.
-The Dragon is slain by a combination of poison, sword trauma to face, and running into a tree.

Ok, so breaking this down into kinda how I think the legendary creatures fights should go:
1-Combatants see each other, both surprised,
2- Conan gets initiative, out maneuvers (evades) the Dragon, runs up crag.
3- Dragon cant get up the crag, he waits.
4-Though use of special clever tactics -knowledge local plants- craft spear- etc. Conan makes a cool weapon.
5-Conan provokes the Dragon using a bluff check or maybe knowledge animals or something of the sort. Dragon rears up exposing a weak spot.
6- Conan successfully attacks weak spot and aided by Valeria doesn't fall.
7- Dragon backs off (is now blind as well).
8- Conan and Valeria run like hell but fail to evade-stealth- etc, the wind changes and the Dragon is right after them again.
9- Conan turns to fight, meeting its headlong charge with his own, no attempt to fight defensively.
10- Monster slain

Its hard to say how big exactly the thing is, Conan later says its about as big as a Mastodon- so yeah hard to say. I guess pretty big and scary.
Conan is a pretty reckless guy and even he runs like hell from this thing, I like that, this goes with what I'm saying about fighting legendary creatures- I really can`t see how even the most heroic character could stand there and have a grindfest duel with one of these creatures.

Up next Liam vs Snake. Maybe a Krone update soon.

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