Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Legendary Creatures pt 4

Liam vs Snake
Mouse Guard Fall 1152

-Liam Kenzie and Saxon are investigating the disappearance of the grain peddler. Suddenly they are attacked by a giant black snake.
- Saxon strikes at its mouth with his sword and chops off a fang.
-Kenzie smacks the back of its head with his staff  exclaiming "I can't hold it! we need to retreat!"
-Liam spies a knothole in a nearby tree, the party hides within for a little while.
-Liam is shaken, he thinks its impossible to fight anything as big as that snake.
-Kenzie calms and inspires Liam by reminding him of one of the guards mottos "Its not what you fight- but what you fight for."
-The party emerges from the tree, the snake is gone but they discover a nest full of snake eggs.
-Kenzie and Saxon enter the nest to destroy the eggs while Liam stands guard.
-Suddenly the black snake returns forcing Liam to face it alone.
-As the serpent strikes Liam leaps into its mouth and stabs his sword straight through and out the back of the snake's head.
-Monster slain.

In game terms:
1- Snake surprises them but fails attack roll.
2- Saxon scores a hit.
3- Kenzie hits.
4- Liam sees a safe place. perception or something.
5-Party evades snake and all 3 make it to the hiding place.
6- Kenzie inspires Liam using lore, probably some kind of bravery bonus here.
7- Snake is gone so party emerges.
8- They split the party to destroy some eggs, good idea but- NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY!
9- Snake comes back, youngest hero stands strong.
10- Liam full out charges, no thought to his own defense.
11- Crictical strike to snake brain.
12- XP all around!

I like the lore element, Conan used it and it also features in The Hobbit regarding Smaug a bit.
Like Conan -Liam does not fight the snake till he really has to, and like Conan he charges at the things face, in this case literaly into its mouth. Its an all or nothing attack, I hate to think what would happen if it failed.
To make an attack like that the hero would have to allow the monster a full attack against them with no saves, maybe auto crit or something if successful, but terrible damage to the hero if he doesnt kill the monster.

Next up: Smaug the Magnificent

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