Friday, February 11, 2011

Far Away Friday

Alright so just taking a short break from my Legendary Creatures stuff. I`m struggling with it. Not really sure how to implement in rules what I feel so strongly conceptually is right.  Anyway I thought every friday I could have a little post on some of my main setting.  I actually have a game tomorrow, we are playing Pathfinder but its going to be in my setting. I can`t think of a name for my world, try as I might and Im getting pretty frustrated. Anyway:
The High Kingdom of Leor is made up of 12 provinces. The Provinces are mostly autonomous and independent, each with their own laws, government and military. On paper each province is loyal to the capital province Leorland, but in practice the Kingdom is fractured and undergoing a period of social unrest. Some of the provinces are even on the verge of seceding completely.

The High Kingdom is mostly temperate, colder in the northern provinces and higher elevations, nearing tropical in the south and along the coast of the Shallow Sea.

The Capital province of the High Kingdom; Leorland, the standard to which all of the other provinces aspire. Leorland is predominately forested with light woodlands as well as lush fields and cool deep lakes. Peaceful cities and villages dot the landscape, guards in gleaming armor patrol the clean paved streets. Also dominating Leorland's landscape are massive statues and monuments to the heroes, victories, and tragedies of the long history of the High Kingdom.

Emissaries and dignitaries from far off lands can be found visiting Leorland and newsletters are distributed throughout the province. Thus even the most common people of Leor have a better idea of worldwide events and politics than most people from the other provinces.

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