Monday, April 30, 2012

Blood Splattered Dice

Quarantine Zone uses regular old d6s to resolve everything so I thought I should try to spice them up a bit. I bought some crappy dollar store dice packs and borrowed some bright red spray paint from one of my friends - he does alot of spray paint and stencil on canvas artwork and he is very talented. Anyway, I sprayed the red paint on the end of an old toothbrush until it was dripping wet and then flicked the paint off onto my pile of dice. I tried to vary my flicks so that in some spots big drops appeared and some areas only got a light mist. They took a long time to dry but I think they came out pretty good ->

Easy homemade bloody dice - they are fun to roll.

Recently when I was in a Chapters bookstore with my pretty lady I found these awesome little zombie notebooks.

I immediately snapped up two. Inside half of the pages are lined and the facing pages are blank, with a very faint green image of the cover art on every page. The art is by Rob Sacchetto but good luck finding somewhere to buy these online cuz I can't. I guess I'm planning to fill these in with the rules for Q-Z at some point but right now I am too worried I will ruin them so they are just sitting on my shelf looking nice.

And finally here is a shot of my status cards for Q-Z.

    Looking pretty good if I do say so myself.


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