Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quarantine Zone- Character Generation

To make a character for Quarantine Zone you need some paper and some dice. Quarantine Zone uses only standard six sided dice.  I recommend at least a small handful of dice for each player. It would ease play if you have two types of easily distinguishable dice ( two colors of dice or different sizes) but not strictly necessary.

Quarantine Zone is set approximately 6 months after a massive outbreak of the zombie virus swept across the world. Each player should try to imagine for themselves a tough survivor who has managed to last this long using wits and luck. What does your character look like? What did your character do before the apocalypse? How did you manage to survive this long?

To start with each player should write a name for their character at the top of a sheet of paper and write the names of these 6 abilities in a column down the side of the page.

Each Player character has 6 ability scores-'B.R.A.I.N.S.'

Brawn- How physically tough and strong a character is. Used in hand to hand combat and to resist illness.

Reflexes- A character's speed and agility, also used to measure manual dexterity.

Attitude- A character's ability to connect and make relationships. Used in social situations.

Intellect- The knowledge and mental skill of the character. Determines starting skill points and used to resolve intelligence based checks.

Nerve- A character's ability to stay calm in difficult situations and overcome fears. Used to shoot ranged weapons.

Search- A character's ability to notice details. Used to scavenge supplies.

Now roll 6 dice as d3s (1-2=1/3-4=2/5-6=3) and note down your results on a scrap piece of paper. Assign one of your dice results to each ability score above. This should give you a score of between 1-3 in all of your abilities.

Each character will start with:
  • One sturdy melee weapon ( a baseball ball, length of metal pipe, or meat cleaver )
  • One random piece of gear.
  • One backpack.
  • Three cans of food.
  • Three bottles of water. 
 Each character is also assumed to be carrying some simple miscellaneous equipment such as can-openers, and similar minor stuff as well as seasonally appropriate if not ideal clothing and footwear.

Unless otherwise noted a character may never carry more than:
  • Two weapons.
  • Three pieces of gear.
  • Six cans of food.
  • Six bottles of water.
There are certain Talents which can be taken to increase how many weapons or pieces of gear a character can carry. These encumbrance rules are meant to be simple and represent the survivors trying to travel light and be self-sufficient, carrying only their own gear in case of separation or mishap.

-Ok, so good start here. Talents and Traits to come, as well as equipment lists.


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