Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Skull Island Rivals

Like many kids I was absolutely in love with dinosaurs. When I was a bit older I got completely enthralled by ancient Aztec and Mayan culture. When I started getting into Warhammer my first purchase was a box of Lizardman Saurus Warriors (Aztec dinosaurs). Recently I added a handful of "tribal folk" miniatures to my collection of fantasy jungle stuff. My collection of jungle terrain has been slowly growing for many years, I have a bunch of aquarium plants for jungle trees and two half finished pyramids. I'm big fan of Peter Jackson's King Kong and a HUGE fan of module 'X1 The Isle of Dread'. I recently bought three rather expensive solid toy animals from a kinda higher end kids toy store- the kind with educational toys instead of action figures. I might show some pics of the third animal later on but here are the first two since they are related and both finished :

I repainted them and mounted them on CDs for bases. I covered the top of the CDs with really cheap plasticine and painted them with two coats of white glue, then sprinkle sand on and paint as you would normally. There are some aquarium plants on there as well and a piece of garden tree bark to look like stone on the T-Rex's base. The brown bases look a little bare so I think I will put some patches of grass or flock down at some point. And yeah there is one of my half-painted tribals for scale.

Hopefully I can pick up some pulp era explorers someday.