Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mordheim - The City of the Dammed!!!

"Mordheim, once a great city capital of the Empire's most northern realm, was slowly enveloped by corruption. The only beacon of hope and sanity in Mordheim was the Convent of the Sisterhood of Sigmar. Weeks before the end of the year 1999, the symbol of Sigmar himself - the twin-tailed comet - had appeared in the sky. As midnight of the final day of the year approached, Daemons crept from the shadows and mingled with the throng, crying joyously and cavorting with man and woman alike. As the festival reached its zenith, the comet impacted upon the city. Only the Temple of Sigmar's Rock, home to the Sisterhood of Sigmar, remained unblemished. The city burned for weeks, the comet leaving the ruins of Mordheim covered in shards of solidified Chaos, soon to become known as wyrdstone. When Mordheim finally stopped burning, mercenary warbands from all over the Empire and beyond came in search of it, for it was said that wyrdstone can do anything; change your luck and fortune and turn lead into gold. Of course, Man was not the only race interested in wyrdstone, and many other creatures prowl the City of the Damned."
 Mordheim is a dark and evil place. The bands of your fellow ruthless treasure hunters are the least of your worries amid the cracked streets. Creatures from your darkest nightmares prowl the alleys and the air is poisonous.

Mordheim is a tabletop miniature skirmish game set in the Warhammer world. I have been constructing buildings to make a section of the city to be the battlefield when I play. I have also been collecting a decent number of odd models to represent the inhabitants of the city (although very few are actually painted). So anyway here are a couple pics of some of the stuff I have been working on.  

 The Gallows, for public execution.

 There is a Headsman's block as well.

 "Cheap Meat" stall. Some of the pork tastes very suspicious...

 Cheap Meat back view- large rat advancing on a human hand.

 The Row houses, not as complete as the meat stall but playable.

Row houses- interior/back view.

 Row house close up.

Wyrdstone counters (green sparkly nail-polish supplied by my pretty girlfriend).

So yeah, just some of the stuff I have been working on. I have a bunch of D&D type material in my head, I just need to get it up on here. I just started work last week, and have been composing lengthy blog posts in my head at work only to pass out as soon as I get home and forget to post them.  Also apparently Jack and Evan have been posting about familiars as well- here. They had a much more interesting and in-depth look at the topic but it is quite a coincidence that I did a post on familiars yesterday too.

Cheers gang and Happy Easter!!!


  1. Cheap meat...mmm...I love roast beast!

    Great terrain, sir!

  2. Very nice. Mordheim is a great game and you have some great terrain for it.

  3. Hey guys, thanks alot for the fine complements. I hope to post more Mordheim stuff in a few days.