Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mordheim update

 Ok, just some random stuff I photographed on my work table. Eventually I will post some nice shots all staged and such of the gameboard. I also have been coming up with some rule changes and house rules.

 I bought some charming little ceramic houses from the dollar store.

 I am going to base these up, give them some details and some fresh paint.

 I 'm building small additions onto two of them to extend the size and cover up some undesirable features.

 Covering up this extra small door and staircase.

 I really like this one, I am leaving it mostly alone.

 I will paint them kinda drab and rundown looking, but not actually ruined. Hopefully they will work as a peasant village for other games or as Mordheim pieces.

Just glued down a frame for the cardboard roof to rest on. I am going to try to make some building with roofs that are gently sloped. I like the idea of models running along the rooftops and fighting.



  1. Pretty neat! I've always wondered what Mordheim was about. Sounds like a fantasy version of Necromunda.

  2. Those look great. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them.