Friday, January 13, 2012


No not a cosmic-rock / heavy-metal band. I'm talking about the magical substance which largely drives the plot of "Conan The Adventurer".

The series starts with a meteor shower of "fiery tears" raining down around Conan's village. It turns out that that the meteors are made up of solid metal with crazy magical properties. The village folk gather up all the STAR METAL and Conan's father forges it all into weapons to sell at market- except for one sword, a gift for Conan.

Meanwhile in Stygia, a scary warlord / sorcerer named Wrath Amon learns about the Star Metal. Set the Demonlord commands Wrath Amon to build 7 giant pyramids and top each with a big ring made of pure STAR METAL. Once the pyramids are completed a great portal will open which Set can use to escape The Abyss and once again rule over all of Hyborea. Thus much of the plot of the series is Conan and his friends trying to prevent Wrath Amon from getting his claws on the STAR METAL.

Weapons made of STAR METAL never lose their edge, and STAR METAL glows when Set's servants- the evil Serpent Men are nearby. The merest touch from STAR METAL will banish Serpent Men to The Abyss. Also STAR METAL seems to be very effective in combating magical and undead foes.

STAR METAL is super cool.

Also yesterday was my one year Bloggeranniversary! Thanks for reading my blog and special thanks to everyone who has commented and been so supportive! Rock out gang!


  1. Congratulations on the blogoversary! I like this approach to star metal, too.

  2. Congrats on making it a year!

    I remember starmetal being a big part of my early D&D games...

  3. Conan the Adventurer never ceases to fascinate me, since it manages to be simultaneously the most and least faithful adaptation of Howard's work in any media outside the comics. Case in point, the star metal seems strongly inspired by the Yuetshi blade from "The Devil In Iron": both fell to earth from meteors, both are used to fight supernatural horrors, both incredibly sharp and deadly.