Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pathfinder on Carcosa

My suggestions for playing a Pathfinder game set in Carcosa.

Pathfinder classes available in Carcosa:

Available Bloodlines:
No Archetypes.

Dark Tapestry Mystery
No Archetypes.

No Archetypes.

No Archetypes.

No Archetypes.

DM notes:
Use the slow advancement track for experience. Severely limit magic items, in fact no standard type magic items should be in play. NPC's will not provide magical help for any reason, including healing or curse removal. Any character with skill ranks in knowledge Arcana, The Planes or Religion my attempt to use rituals. No prestige classes or multiclassing.

Many creatures in the Pathfinder Bestiary make excellent foes in Carcosa such as Serpentfolk, as well as pretty much anything reptilian, fungoid, slimy, or tentacled.

Happy gaming.


  1. Oh yeah, but I don't know about the magic items, though, would be tough for the fighting guys. There are alien artifacts, you could use them as these... or use a system where magic items always have a flaw of some kind, curse or bloodsucking or whatever. Maybe even a ritual to recharge them...
    Thinking about it, would a write up of the different races of man be necessary? Maybe with only minor racial traits swapped?

  2. Yeah, I meant more like there shouldn't be any +1 swords,bags of holding,boots of elvenkind- that sort of stuff.

    Any magic items they can get should be powerful, unique, and have some serious drawbacks.

    Something to make the races unique would be cool, just not sure what it would be. Maybe special weaknesses or resistances to spell types or damage, or effects.