Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Then came the goblins...

Once the mythic world and the mundane world were one. Back in the Dark ages, when elves tricked farmers and knights battled dragons, magic was a part of daily life for the humans struggling to survive.

Slowly but surely though, the humans continued to prosper. Human villages spread across the lands, ancient and magical forests were felled, and trolls were slain. As human civilization spread the mythical forces of the world withered. It became apparent that the mythical races were set to become extinct.

In desperation the great mythical races came together and conceived a plan. They would fashion for themselves a new realm, a hidden dimension where they would be safe from the ravages of humanity. Their new sanctuary would be formed into a maze, a mighty labyrinth with neither beginning or end, the inhabitants would be trapped but safe.

The Mythics set out quickly on their appointed tasks. The Ogres were the builders, raising mighty walls of stone. The Dwarfs were the craftsmen, making elaborate adornments and devious traps throughout. The Elves were the enchanters, it was their magic which would seal off the maze. With their work nearly finished the Mythics were all set  to depart to a hidden paradise forever....

Then came the goblins...

The goblins were not invited to the great council and the Mythics had planned to leave them behind- let the goblins and the humans sort each other out. But the goblins had other plans, while the Mythics built the labyrinth the goblins gathered up all the evil creatures they could and formed a vast army. Just as the Mythics were about to depart a evil horde fell upon them. Dragons, trolls and goblins all fought their way into the maze just as the elves used their magics to seal it. 

The war in the labyrinth continues to this day, although it has stagnated considerably. These days the once mighty dragons slumber and the goblin hordes have fractured due to petty squabbles. The power of the elves and dwarfs has waned too, they are shadows of their former wisdom and glory.  Some say that the ages and the war have taken a toll on the labyrinth as well, small cracks in the ancient spells are allowing passage to the mundane world.

Somewhere amid the crumbling ruins of this magical world lies the keys to its salvation- or destruction.


  1. Thanks Trey. Its not terribly original, pretty much the same basic premise as "Weaveworld" but mashed with Jim Henson's "Labyrinth". I really like it though, I think the whole game world being a dungeon is pretty interesting for a fantasy setting.

  2. I think if you're gonna have this many races on this backdrop your map needs Vast expansion. Like 20 more mazes to fit around this one. Each with multiple entrances to the other mazes, and large open areas with homes for certain races "they have to sleep". Hunting zones, battle fields, and maybe even a temple or two. It's a great backdrop for a new world but it can't just be this small.