Sunday, January 8, 2012



I am referring to the 1992-1994 children's cartoon which ran for 65 episodes. I absolutely love this show. No- seriously, I LOVE it. I think my parents, friends, and pretty girlfriend are all getting a bit concerned over how much I love this cartoon. I clearly remember watching it as a little kid of like 6 years old and going nuts.
 I mean seriously- check out how rad this into is.

So yeah this was my first exposure to Conan, even if it was a watered down- suitable for 6 year olds to watch version of Conan. I watched it as a kid and then kind of forgot about it for a long time. Eventually I saw the Schwarzenegger films and then got around to reading some of the stories. In my second year of university I realized that the entire CONAN THE ADVENTURER cartoon series was posted on youtube, needless to say I got right on that and watched em all. Since then I found the first season and part 1 of the second season on DVD, and bought them right up.

I think I'm going to do a series of posts about this cartoon. Wikipedia has all the plot and character info anyone could ever want, and like I said all the episodes are on youtube, so I'm going to try to avoid recaps and instead look at the series in terms of inspiration to use in D&D (or Pathfinder or whatever).

I hope everyone had safe and happy holidays. Drive safe.
A friend of mine died in a car crash a few days before christmas, just hit a patch of ice on a sunny morning on her way to work. She was really nice and smart and it sucks that she is gone. I wasn't going to mention it at all but I donno, I just really feel like I needed to.

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