Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ogres in the maze

Ogres are large in stature, their fearsome appearance at odds with their usually gentle demeanor.  They often have shaggy coarse hair and large horns with tusk like teeth, although there is a large degree of variation in the species (as seems to be the case with most of the  races inhabiting the Labyrinth).

Ogres were generally a very peaceful people, living lonely lives in the desolate places of the world. Unfortunately they bore some of the worst treatment from the humans. The solitary and non-aggressive Ogres were hunted mercilessly by bands of eager knights. Never a numerous people to begin with the Ogres were nearly wiped out by a wave of human "chivalry".  

In the mythic past it fell to the Ogres to do the real work of building the Great Maze. Dwarfs were too hunched and Elves too slight, only the Ogres possessed strength enough to raise the endless stone walls of the Labyrinth. The vast amount of rock which must have been used in the construction is truly staggering to imagine, and yet if the ancient texts are to be believed the Ogres worked at an astonishing speed. 

Ogres have become very rare in the Great Maze, their dwindling numbers further reduced by the Maze War, The few remaining Ogres have a new and powerful ally in the Labyrinth however- the Labyrinth itself.  The magic which pervades the whole realm has seeped directly into the brick and rock of the Maze.

The rocks remember.

A bond of kinship has formed between the stone foundations of the Great Maze and those who laid them. It is said that the stones can whisper to the Ogres, and that if an Ogre is in peril the stones will come tumbling and rolling to their aid.


  1. Cool.

    I just watch Labyrinth with my 6 year old last weekend (her first time, had been a while for me) and as soon as Ludo (Mudo? Bludo?) appeared on the screen, she screamed "That monster is awesome!"

    Nice to see old Ludo getting some love.

  2. haha, he is pretty awesome! You should watch The Dark Crystal next.