Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aboleth Mind Thrall

Aboleths are unsuited to the rigors of adventuring, or any sort of existence in the surface world.  They usually would consider that sort of occupation well beneath them anyway.

Sometimes Aboleth interests do make the use of adventures necessary. Aboleths prefer to take a very direct approach in their above ground dealings. It is well known that Aboleths can use powerful magic to dominate the minds of lesser races- but such control is usually used on many individuals at a relatively short distance.

When an Aboleth community needs to directly influence the surface world they turn to their specialists, the Aboleth Mind Masters. The Mind Masters select a slave from the cattle pens which they feel have potential. They then form a particularly strong mind meld with  the slave until they are able to direct their thall over vast distances with complete control.

The Mind Thrall is then sent to the surface world to be an extension of the Mind Master's will, literally serving as little more than a puppet. The Mind Master sees a Thall as nothing more than a useful tool, and will push it mercilessly, beyond the usual limits of endurance- and may choose to discard the Thrall at anytime, leaving a spent and mindless husk.

The slaves themselves have been bred for countless generations in the dark depths of  nightmarish Aboleth cities. They are often little more than feral and inbred animals who have further devolved due to lack of sunlight or proper nutrition. Although Aboleths will take slaves from any race they tend to favor humans and find it particularly easy to bend them to their will.

- More on this later... like the actual class rules. 

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