Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Dark Depths of The Ocean - pt 2

 A malignant evil lurks in the deep black depths of the ocean. In the sunless trenches and vast sea caverns an ancient power waits and plots.

To further their goals in the world above the waves the Deep Masters have created a wide variety of servitor creatures. Using foul and ancient magics too vile to describe the Deep Masters have crossbred and spliced together creatures which have no natural right to exist.

The Deep Masters are in fact responsible for most of the horrific beasts which lurk in the oceans of the world. Creatures like the Kraken are failed experiments which have been turned loose to breed in the wild.  In ancient times the Deep Masters decided they needed to make a race of warrior creatures to carry out their evil and genocidal agendas. And so the Crabmen were created, a totally loyal and brutally effective race/army.  Their natural armor and weapons designed to make them the perfect tool to enforce the will of the Deep Masters.

To help with the task of directing Crabmen forces and other lesser creatures the Deep Masters decided to create a class of leader creatures.

These leader creatures are often created using humans which are recovered during Crabmen raids, which are then spliced with various sea dwelling creatures.  The resulting abominations are horrific mockeries of the humanoid form which sprout tentacles, claws, scales, gills, fins and bulging eyes in truly unsettling combinations.  Each of these creatures are unique and shares a deep telepathic bond with the Deep Master who created them.

 These leader creatures are far less suitable for combat then the Crabmen but will often supervise them on their raids. These agents travel far abroad  to further the interests of their Deep Master overlords, using powerful but subtle magic to blend in and influence events in the surface world.

-The big reveal about who the Deep Masters are is coming in part 3. 
(It's not really that big a secret though, I bet most people could guess it.)
And yes this is how Mindflayers work in my campaign world, they have a heavy nautical theme and I've dropped the whole alien brain stealing thing.

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