Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Running from Zombies

QZ rules, Part 3 - Evasion

So, there are undead between the survivors and where they want to be. When fighting or sneaking past seems unlikely survivors can always try their luck just running for it and hoping for the best.  In a situation like this the GM should call for an Evade check.
Evasion checks are appropriate in any situation in which a Survivor is trying to escape past or from a Zombie, including out of combat (as long as you haven't been grabbed).  The rules for Evasion are very similar to thefuture section on Pursuit and share many similar concepts.

When the GM is considering the parameters of an Evade check, there are a couple factors to consider:
-Whats the condition of the area to be traveled through?
-How many Zombies are in the way?
-How confined is the space?
-What is the distance to be covered?

The players should be aware of most if not all of these factors, most of the time, although sometimes survivors do stupid things- like run blindly into an alley crowded with zombies (in which case they wouldn't get all the facts ahead of time).

It should almost always be up to the player if their survivor is going to try to make an Evade check although the GM might make an Evade check compulsory in some circumstances- a failed Nerve check for example.

The distance the check covers should be well established and defined and usually agreed on by both the GM and the players- "to the end of the hall "or "across the field to the barn door" are both good choices, "to safety" is not.

Ok, so- an Evade check is pretty simple to resolve. The survivor makes a Reflex check, trying to get enough successes to beat the Evade DC. Each unoccupied Zombie the character is trying to Evade gets to make a Reflex check to try to catch the Survivor (each Zombie not in combat or feasting).

Evade DC = Condition DC modifiers+ Zombie Reflex check successes.

Most Zombies have a Reflex score of  0, meaning that they can only roll 1d6 and get no automatic successes.

          Conditions            DC modifier                     Description
  • Wide Open                DC-2          An open field, Empty Dance floor.
  • Street Width                 -            As much room to maneuver as a typical city street.
  • Alley Width                DC+2         Pretty narrow and confined.
  • Hallway Width           DC+3         Very narrow, barely any space to maneuver.
  • Cluttered                    DC+2          See Bellow
  • Difficult Ground         DC+1          Uneven or slippery - tree roots.
  • Treacherous Ground  DC+2          Unstable or dangerous- rubble or thick mud.
 What is considered clutter varies widely depending on its location- on a highway it is dozens of wreaked cars but clutter in an office building hallway is a few overturned chairs.

Example Area:
A small stretch of forest between a house and the road- 4 Zombies in the way.
Only 1 Zombie gets a success on its Reflex check (DC+1),
The area is wide open (DC-2), but it is cluttered with trees (DC+2) and there are lots of roots making the ground difficult (DC+1).
So the Evasion check is DC2.

Example Area:
An alley in a destroyed city- 10 Zombies in the way.
4 Zombies get successes on Reflex checks (DC+4),
The area is an alley (DC+2), cluttered with large rubble (DC+2), and there are lots of  jagged pieces of metal sticking up making the ground treacherous (DC+2).
So the Evasion check is DC10.

So each Survivor makes a Evasion check using their Reflex score, trying to beat the Evasion DC. If a Survivor passes the check they successfully evade past all the Zombies and obstacles in the way.

If the Survivor fails the check they get attacked by a number of Zombies equal to the number they failed the Evasion check by, and they are stopped somewhere short of the distance they were attempting to run (decided by the GM). The Survivor gets to pick which Zombies they are attacked by if there is a choice of different types. Note- the Survivor is placed into combat with the Zombies and they are ready to attack on their turn, they do not roll attacks immediately in the Survivor turn.  

Each Survivor must make their own check to Evade Zombies, the exception being a pair that is Aiding/Aided,
-In this case there is one roll by the Aided character which both Survivors will be held to (See the future section on Aiding Others).

Note- It is important to note that a group wishing to Evade must make checks one at a time representing the order they are Evading in. Each test should be calculated and taken independently because the DC could change depending on circumstances changing,  most often this will happen if the number of occupied Zombies increases or decreases suddenly.
Also subsequent Survivors in the planned Evade order are not obligated to Evade when it gets to their turn, they can do something else entirely- they might decide to charge into combat to save a friend who failed the Evasion check.

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