Wednesday, November 23, 2011

QZ rules part 2

Ok, here are the long awaited(?) combat rules, at least so far...

If its your turn and you are engaging in melee you are the attacker, your opponent(s) are defending, thus you can only make attacks in your turn.

Each combatant rolls a Brawn check ( a regular Sloucher has a Brawn score of 1, thus scoring 1 automatic success with another possible success on a single d6 roll of 5+) Compare the number of successes scored by each side. The winner is the side with the most successes.

If the defending side wins OR if a tie is rolled- then this combat ends.

If the attacker wins that player gets to make a roll on the melee chart for each success they scored which exceeded the defenders score.


For players this typically means their survivor gets to roll on a melee chart one or more times if they strike successfully. The melee chart the player uses corresponds to the weapon type they are using- either "Flimsy" or "Sturdy".

Flimsy Melee Weapon Chart 
1= Weapon breaks
2-4= No effect
5= Knock
6= Critical

Sturdy Melee Weapon Chart
1= Roll again on this chart ( further rolls of 1 as "No effect") afterwards weapon is "Flimsy"
2-3= No effect
4-5= Knock
6= Critical

A Knock result is catch all term for affecting your opponent without killing it-staggering it, making it drop something, or making it let go of another character who has been "Grabbed". See the future section on Conditions to find out more about being "Knocked".

A "Critical" result is enough to kill most types of Zombie or wound another human (making them Bloodied).


When the GM wins a fight he or she gets to roll one or more times on a Zombie Melee chart, once for each attacker success which exceeded the defender's success total.

Zombie Melee Chart 
1-3= Ineffective
4= Maul
5= Bite
6= Grab---> next turn- Rend

The Maul and Bite result both are "Critical" hits and will leave a character "Bloodied", the Bite result might also transmit disease. See the future section on Conditions to find out more about being Bloodied, the short explanation though is that each time a character is Bloodied they take a +2DC on ALL checks until they are healed.

A character who is Grabbed can do nothing in their turn except make an opposed Brawn check to try to break loose of the grab. Alternatively another player might be able to rescue the Grabbed player by either knocking or killing the Zombie(s) doing the grabbing.

If the character is still Grabbed in the next Zombie attack round. The Zombie(s) preforming the grab will attempt to Rend the player- the player must make another opposed Brawn check. If the character succeeds they become "Bloodied" (or take another Bloodied token if they were already Bloodied)- if the character fails they are ripped to pieces by the grabbing Zombie(s). See the future section on Zombie Feeding Rules to find out how much time the other players will have to run while the feeding Zombies are distracted by their former comrade.

That's it for tonight. More coming soon though. Comments and questions are welcome.

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