Wednesday, March 16, 2011


As Trey pointed out there wasn't a male counterpart to the Dungeon Maiden idea I posted earlier.  so here it is the Youth. (B/X rules here).

Found wandering alone, captured or fighting for his life the Youth is in terrible danger.

AC: 8, Normal Man, Hp 3, Mv: 120' (40'), #At 1weapon, Dmg:1-6, Morale 7, Alignment L,

Armed with a short sword and shield the Youth set out to find adventure. Although ill suited to the rigors of adventuring the Youth will doggedly follow the party once encountered, constantly getting in the way. If the Youth survives there is a chance they will gain enough experience to take their first character level and thereafter become a loyal follower and a useful member of the party.

There is a 10% chance the youth is in possession of a treasure map.

-I also want to say that I'm not trying to be sexist by saying the Maiden is female or the Youth is male, feel free to switch the roles around,  also I'm not be any means saying the only women in the game need to be helpless Maidens.  Women adventurers are cool by me. I just feel that the evil humanoids in my games would be even more evil if they abducted young women for their dark rituals.


  1. Cool. I hope you didn't think I was implying you were being sexist in my reply--I just thought in this age the ladies (or whoever) might want a guy to rescue, too.

    And, as you point out, they can be slightly different archetypes that can be either male or female.

  2. No problem Trey I hadn't thought you were suggesting that, I just thought it was a good point to clarify.

  3. Really dig both concepts and I definitely need to steal them for my game.