Friday, March 25, 2011


So it's been more than a week since my last post of any substance. It's really getting to be crunch time at school. I have been around a little though, commenting here and there. I played a game of Arkham Horror earlier this evening. It is an intense game. We were actually able to beat the game by closing enough portals before the dark one awoke, it was good fun although I spent alot of time at the insane asylum. I'm looking into how to make Arkham Horror a rpg, it already has many rpg elements it wouldn't take much more than a Game Master and a few rule changes to nudge it into rpg land. I might look at Call of Cuthulu for inspiration.

I really want to post some material for Krone, but its hard to keep focused on it since I have never played it and currently do not have any real plans to play it. meh. Well anyway, I am going to see SuckerPunch tomorrow and I'm pretty excited, it looks awsome.

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