Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dungeons & Gears


Dungeons & Gears takes place in the world of Sera. Sera was a peaceful and prosperous world until her wizards and scholars discovered a magical liquid which could be mined from Seras crust. This liquid which they named Imulsion had wondrous properties, greatly enhancing the abilities of practitioners of the magical arts. Imulsion it was said  could cure any disease, turn lead into gold, reverse the aging process and even confer immortality. Exposure to Imulsion would have negative effects on those who touched it however; blindness, madness and horrific mutations being some of the most commonly reported.

Despite the dangerous effects of Imulsion, the leaders of the Kingdoms of Sera saw it as the key to the future. Nearly a century of continuous bloody warfare ensued, each faction struggling to control this new and unstable resource. Finally after 79 years a wary peace settled over the lands, control of Imulsion was as uncertain as ever but the people of Sera had simply lost the will to fight. The long process of rebuilding had begun, or so they thought.

Suddenly the peace was shattered by a new and previously unknown threat. From deep within the earth of Sera vast hordes of inhuman monsters emerged, literally tunneling up into the heart of the human Kingdoms.  This enemy came to be known as the Locust because they came like a terrible plague to the surface of Sera.  There was slaughter on a massive scale, the human Kingdoms were tired and completely unprepared and the enemy accepted no surrender. One by one the armies of humanity fell until only isolated bastions remained.

Humanity teeters on the brink. The survivors struggle to understand their enemies, hoping that by doing so they will find a weakness.  The humans have nearly lost the war on the surface and a new stage of the conflict begins. The last defenders of humanity have begun venturing downward into a dark and unknown underworld, taking the fight to the Locust Horde.


  1. Sounds like a really interesting set up for a world.

  2. Thanks Trey, I really appreciate your kind comments.

  3. I should also say its ripped off 99.9% right from Gears of War game. In Gears of War Imulsion is radioactive super fuel and there aren't wizards and Kingdoms. Its scientists and governments and such. I feel like the switch to a medieval fantasy setting creates a very strong set up for D&D style underground adventuring.