Monday, April 21, 2014

Knights of Ash

After nearly a full year of not posting I'd like to get pack into it. We will see if I can stick with it though.

The Royal wedding.
The city celebrates.
The Princess beloved by all.
Her Prince dashing and true.
Gleaming knights stood at attention.
The crowd cheers

Suddenly something blocks the sun.

An errant cloud?
The blue sky is clear.
People turn.
The band falters.
A scream.
The quickest knights try to draw their blades.
An avalanche of molten fire rains onto the crowd.

The Princess and her Prince.
The loyal knights.
The cheering crowd.
All scorched to cinders in a singles breath.

The Dragon lands and begins to feed.
Gorging on the dying city.
Screams drowned out by crackling flames and crunching bones.

The Dragon tunnelled into the ruins of the palace and there made a nest.
It sleeps away the decades,
periodically giving birth to monstrous offspring.
In places fires still burn.

Knights come from far and wide, 
to challenge the Serpent and retake the kingdom.
All are buried under shifting tides of black ash.
Bones and steel.
Ash and rust. 

From a new project I'm working on - "Knights of Ash".

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