Monday, January 5, 2015

Dark Angels Battleforce

So this is what I have so far for my Dark Angels Battleforce. The army is based off the Dark Vengeance set but there are a few additions - most notably special character: Chapter Master Azrael. 

Please excuse the camerawork, my lighting wasn't the best.
Also the models are a little bit shiny, thats because I coated them with a quick shade dip and haven't added the matte varnish yet, but they are 99% done.

The whole force

The watcher

Chapter Master Azrael

5th Company Captain Balthazar

 Librarian Turmiel

 Ravenwing Sergeant

Ravenwing squad 

 Sergeant right side

 More Azreal

 Deathwing Terminators

 Tactical squad Sergeant and plasma gunners

5th Company Tactical Marine

Questions and comments are welcome. Cheers!

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