Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mettle & Brawn

In my own game I am renaming the ability score 'Strength' to 'Mettle'.
Mettle is defined as:  "Vigor and strength of spirit or temperament"
Henceforth in my games Mettle will be used to represent a character's discipline and skill in combat. It will also be used to represent a character's bravery in situations which require it.  

I think this is an appropriate change, since for characters fighting in melee combat it is not really their physical strength being tested, but rather the qualities described above. Mettle will be used in combat the same way strength used to be.

I am also renaming 'Constitution' to 'Brawn'.
Brawn is defined as: "Muscle or physical strength."
Brawn will be used to describe a character's  strength, constitution, physical power, and resilience. Brawn will be used the same way constitution used to be, for bonus hp and for saves against poison and such. Brawn will also be used for things like breaking down doors and holding up crumbling pillars.

Comments and questions are welcome. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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