Friday, June 8, 2012

Adventuring Equipment

 Some adventurers bring "healer's kits" with them into the dungeon and rely on herbs and bandages to keep them going. The more rough and tumble brand of adventurers bring strong drink.

Fortified Wine
A swig of strong fortified wine can keep even a gravely injured warrior on his feet. Fortified wine is laced with tonics and restorative medicines plus the biting flavor will shock the drinker into wakefulness while the liquor dulls pain.
  • 25gp for a canteen, 5 uses - 1lb. same effect as a healer's kit.
Hard Liquor
The most foolhardy adventurers are fond of carrying small "handcasks" of powerful liquor such as moonshine or the dreaded dwarven fire whisky.  In contrast to fortified wine these drinks have very little medicinal value aside from occasionally being poured into wounds as disinfectant.
  • 25gp for a handcask ,10 uses - 2lb. same effect as a healer's kit*.
  • 50gp for a pony-keg ,20 uses - 5lb. same effect as a healer's kit*.
*If you expend more uses than your CON ability score modifier during the same rest you suffer from the Intoxicated condition for a full hour.

Sturdy Steel-shod Boots
These tough steel and leather boots are the absolute best protection available for an adventurers' feet. The toughened leather exterior has been treated with several coats of protective varnish and wax, making them both water proof and extremely durable. Although padded and comfortable on the inside these boots have a reinforced steel toe and a thick steel sole, as well as several small metal plates to protect the heel and sides of the feet.  The drawbacks that come with these boots are that they tend to make a loud clanging sound when walking across stone and they are obviously very dangerous to wear while attempting to swim.
  • 10gp for pair (must be worn as pair), 4lbs. as pair, +1 to wearer AC.
  • At the end of your turn if the wearer is in melee combat and hasn't moved they may make a extra kick attack using only their basic strength modifier. If it hits the attack does 1d4 bludgeoning damage.
  • At the DM's discretion these sturdy boots can protect the wearer's feet from nearly any damaging effect that would target feet specifically.
  • Anytime the wearer attempts to climb, jump, swim, or move stealthily   the DM should impose severe penalties.
Sturdy Gauntlet
Most of the heavier types of armor come with a set of gauntlets but sometimes even lightly armored warriors choose to wear them. Although it may not be the most heroic tactic, a well timed punch can be very effective.
  • 5gp each, 10gp for pair. 1lb. each, 2lb. as pair, +1 to wearer AC if a pair is worn.
  • If the wearer is in melee combat and has a free gauntleted hand they may make a extra punching attack using only their basic strength modifier. If it hits the attack does 1d4 bludgeoning damage.
  • A gauntleted hand cannot cast arcane spells or preform delicate tasks.

Just some ideas I had, Cheers!

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