Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Black Ops Classes

Alright, so I have been playing the Xbox 360 game Call of Duty Black Ops a lot. A LOT.
It is very fun and addictive, even though I'm not great at it. One of the things that makes the online multiplayer so fun for me is the class customization.

You start off with 6 class slots you can customize. As you play you earn more points that you can use to buy new weapons and equipment as you unlock them and level up.

Here's the best picture of a class creation screen I could find.


So you get:
  • one primary weapon 
  • one secondary weapon
  • a lethal option
  • a tactical option
  • an equipment slot
  • three perk slots
The first perk slot changes your appearance, as well as gives you a powerful advantage.
'Ghost' for example makes you invisible to enemy spy planes.
The other perks don't change what you look like but still break the regular rules.
For example 'Hardened' makes your bullets penetrate deeper though walls and cover, and 'Tactical Mask' makes you immune to the effects of a Nova gas grenade.

I was wondering how well this approach to character creation would work in a pen and paper rpg. For character creation and as well as for equipment and armament purposes. The perks would turn into your class and different class archetypes or fighting styles. Instead of a encumbrance system a character would instead have 'equipment slots'.

I donno.

More on this later probably.


  1. Im so bad at FPS games, I tried multiplayer on xbox live once it didn't end well. A lot of spawn move for 3 or 5 steps and hit the dirt waiting for respawn

  2. BOPs is my bread and butter on XBox, though I'm looking forward to Battlefield 3.

    As far as TTRPGs go, I imagine that it'd be a bit too limiting. Still, I'll have to see the execution.

  3. Theres alot of spawn kills on Nuketown, I hate Nuketown.

    It would be pretty limiting, maybe good for a very basic type game. Like a one shot type game.