Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I recently saw this free rpg called Krone by Crayon Samurai. It is extremely simple, it has like 9 pages with very minimal rules, VERY minimal rules. Theres only 3 character classes included, the Noble, the Barbarian and the Sorcerer. Each character only gets 3 stats, well the Sorcerer gets a fourth to determine how well he can bind and control deamons.  The stats are Fighting, Surviving and Scheming, and the highst a stat can be is 4, everything relies on this very simple system with d10s relied on for making all the rolls, (I think I would use d6s however and modify the system just a little.) One of the strengths of Krone is its cool and uncluttered setting. This is pretty much the extent of the setting description right from the doc:

There’s this decadent Sword and Sorcery type city called Krone that’s situated in the middle of a vast swampland. It used to be the crown of civilization until something happened to the fertile plains surrounding it, turning the land into a subtly poisonous swamplands. Now the crops do strange things to people as does most of the drinking water found in Krone.
It has gradually begun to weaken the people’s minds, making them just a little off-balanced, and weakening their bodies just a little bit, making them a little more susceptible to disease.
But sometimes people are born with hideous deformities. They are either slain outright or abandoned/escape to the swamps. People don’t go into these swamps. There are demons living in
their murky waters and rumors are that sorcerers live out there as well, enslaving the foul demons to do their bidding. Rumors even say that the sorcerers are none other than the mutants themselves.
Several corrupt, decadent houses of nobility rule Krone in an uneasy alliance.
To the north the twisted swamps give way to purer lands and barbarians rove the steppes. They occasionally make trips to Krone in order to obtain weapons and medicines. The steppes are a barren land and resources are scarce.
But only the finest warriors are sent because of the dangers present not only in the swamps but the decaying city itself.
Its cool.  I really want to play this, there seems to be a limitless supply of cool oldschool style gaming in this rad system.  I'm hoping I can get my girlfriend to run this once or twice, she hasnt DMed before but I think this could be a good way for her to start.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting little game. I'll have to check that out.