Monday, October 8, 2012

Humanoid Enemy Quirks

  To spice up encounters with humanoid enemies roll a d20 on this chart once for each group encountered. Apply the result to one random member of the enemy group, the idea is that maybe in a group of 3 bandits maybe one has slightly more armor or one out of 5 goblins is already wounded.. Not every creature needs a complicated backstory but this way some of the rank and file grunts will seem a little more "alive" and unique.

  1. Scared and grizzled- has a few extra hit points.
  2. Wearing superstitious charms- has a slight bonus to save against wisdom related effects.
  3. Extra big and muscled- has a slight bonus to damage.
  4. Is wearing a few extra bits of armor- +1 to AC.
  5. Better stance and technique- has an additional attack.
  6. Craven- will immediately attempt to surrender if takes damage.
  7. Mocking- hurls insults during battle.
  8. Avenger- determine another random member of the enemy group. If that character is slain the enemy with the avenger quirk will attack the killer with a berserk frenzy.
  9. Wealthy- has slightly more coin or treasure than is typical.
  10. Wielding better quality weapon- has slight bonus to hit.
  11. Fearless- has bonus to morale.
  12. Alert- has slight bonus to perception and detection.
  13. Small build- has a few less hit points.
  14.  Attractive- is particularly good looking, handsome/pretty (or at least clean and noble in stature).
  15.  Wearing less armor- -1 to AC.
  16. Fearsome- looks particularly badass.
  17.  Wounded- already has a significant wound, significantly fewer hit points.
  18.  Has an interesting weapon- the weapon is unusual or at least different from others in the group.
  19.  Tattooed- has some prominent tattoos.
  20.  Has a musical instrument- will play it during battle for morale or to try to signal nearby allies. 
 Comments and questions are welcome, or maybe come up with extra entries on the list. Cheers!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ingenuity vs. Intelligence

My Quarantine Zone game uses 6 character attribute stats that form the acronym B.R.A.I.N.S. The 'I' used to stand for 'Intelligence' but I have decided to change it to 'Ingenuity' instead. I understand using Intelligence as an ability score in some settings and some game systems but for what I am trying to portray in Quarantine Zone it does not work as well. In a present day- post apocalyptic world featuring regular people as protagonists I think ingenuity will be a better choice than intelligence for representing a character. In Quarantine Zone I want it to be more important for a character to display: 

"The quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful."

than for that character to have a high IQ score. I would rather a successful skill test for picking a locked door be represented by an ingenious character using chewing gum and a paperclip than that character just being somehow smart enough that they know how to pick a lock.

Awwww yeah!